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05:20pm 29/07/2004
  hey y'all. Im doing poorly, I had to restart my fast at 1am, so im only on hour 17 of 60. Im in low spirits. I'll make it up though. Im looking to buy a treadmill, a cheap but dtrong one with a digital monitor. And a scale. And some ankle weights and dumbells. This way I can use the anke weights for resistance, and to mask weight loss at the doctors. I need to save a shitload of money.

Do any of you know where to find trhe chinese symbol for EMPTY?

Can someone explain how to upload pictures to post in my lj? Im clueless.

Do you all wanna come up with like, a community diet plan/ challenge type thing?
We can start one on August 1st, if yall are interested.
If so, just type up the average amount of calories you usually aim to eat, the average amount you end up eating, and any food restriction(vegan, vegetarian, etc.) .
Or you can post an outline of the diet plan that works for you, but dont just say "fasting". If there is a majority interest, I will post up the finalized version of this challenge/diet on July 30th, by 5pm.

<<3 Nikki, your Moderator

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12:08am 29/07/2004
  Hey..im new here!!

my stats

HT: 5'5
CW: 118
STGW: 108
LTGW : 100 OR 95 :)
HW: 130


11:23pm 28/07/2004
  so today i was fasting, i did good, passed twenty six hours, but then i had two reduced fat pringles(20) and two cups soup broth(20), so i wont really count it as breaking fast, Im in fact going to add the broth to my fast, because i can't stand this water fasting, which is the kind of fasting I do. So ill give myself two cups tomorrow evening also. I can make it with that. Actually if im not starving, Ill just cut that out also. I need to exercise.  


04:55pm 28/07/2004
  HI! im having a good day, ive reached my low weight aka short term goal

height: 5'5"
cw: 99!!!!!!!!
lw: 99
hw: 120
gw: 80


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02:42pm 28/07/2004
  hi, everyone. Its me, your lovely moderator, writing the first post. I just made this community, now I am going to go about hyping it up. I guess I want to start with an introduction, and to let you kknow that I will add anyone who joins this community to my personal friends list, if they want. Anyway, My name is Nikki, I'm 17 years old, and Im from NY. I have suffered from various eating disorders since eighth grade. In eighth grade, I suffered from emotional overeating, causing a weight gain of twenty pounds in a month. After that I gained about 14 more pounds in that year, then began to calm down and eat normally, though I occassionally binged(and purged). In 11th grade I started binging and purging and not binging and purging frequently, fitting the bulimic criteria in every way, though i was able hide it and was never diagnosed. I began to suffer from spells of depression and began cutting myself in 11th grade also. And a few months into the year, after suffering with raging bulimia, i slowly discovered anorexia. I never really lost weight with mia, so when I found ana, I was 134 lbs. But now Ive lost about twenty pounds, and Im going for more. Ill be starting senior year in highschool in the fall, and my goals are modest for now.
CW 116
HW 134
LW 115
STG 110
LTG 92
Current BMI:19.3
Wish me luck, girls